Does the word Trauma make you feel uncomfortable?  


Many people who have been impacted by trauma share about feeling hesitant to engage in therapy because they are nervous that the process might focus on trauma or might involve revisiting their traumatic memories. We know the anxiety of our clients and we believe that the recovery from trauma does not have to be a threatening or intimidating experience. After all, we know you are more than your trauma. We want to meet the whole version of YOU.

The term “trauma-informed approach” is a widely used clinical term. It means that M.A.D therapists approach every individual with the awareness of how trauma can impact the person’s emotional-cognitive-social-sexual-spiritual development as well as its impact on family and relationships. We are trained to recognise and work with the signs and symptoms of those who are impacted by physical, emotional, spiritual and relational trauma. By integrating our knowledge of trauma and supporting the clients to identify potential recovery pathways that are suitable for them, we aim to facilitate post-traumatic growth and to promote quality of life, relationships, health and well-being for those who we work with.