Creative Arts Therapy for Kids & Teens

We are a team of dance movement therapist, music therapist and art therapist based in different parts of Sydney. Feel free to choose the type of creative modality that you think would be suitable for your child and which location is most convenient for you.

No matter which creative modality you choose, you will still get to enjoy the benefits of the expressive arts modal that your child likes or good at. For example, your child might love visual arts but he/she will still get so much creative and therapeutic benefit by choosing a dance movement therapist or a music therapist. It can open a new window to embrace a wider range of creative self-expression!

Length of therapy session is usually between 50-60 mins per session for 1:1 and dyads, 75-90min for group session, followed by 10min feedback session with parent(s)/care giver(s). 

In feedback session, we offer a summary of what we have noticed positively about your child, theme(s) that emerged during the session, also some tips that you could use at home to support any challenges you have with the child or that your child experience.

Individual 1:1

Here is the good news about trying creative therapy for your child; Kids get to play and express themselves freely. They would often love it and want to come back for more!

1:1 Creative Arts Therapy session is often a delight for the children. Because they get all the attention from a therapist. After a few sessions, they will learn to take off their shoes, relax, laugh, cry and get into their element so that they can be truly seen and heard in their own light.

For example, if your child does not want to talk at all, that is totally fine by us. Creative therapy is alternatively called non-verbal therapy, meaning we can hold a space for him/her and still communicate and connect at a deep level non-verbally to get to know your child’s unique worldview.


We know 3 is a magic number. So we work with Dyadic way (e.g. parent, child and therapist) mostly to facilitate positive change in a relationship. 

Sometimes we start working with a child 1:1 and we might identify a need to invite a parent/caregiver for dyad work to reinforce positive change. 

By engaging in a dyad session facilitated by a creative arts therapist, you will experience what it means to be child led, how to support your child to achieve autonomy and a sense of mastery through play and creative-based connection building activities. Before you even know it, you are playing with your child like never before!


In group therapy, children get to experience what it means to include others and be included. Children often come out of group therapy with increased confidence and resilience through a “I am not alone” experience. Children learn to play and care for each other to realise their desire to want to be helpful to the others. Through a positive group experience, children may adopt a positive/hopeful outlook in life. Group therapy also provides opportunities for social learning in order to improve self-awareness, awareness of others and empathy.

In our social media driven, screen addicted, fast paced life, this kind of human connections can be so meaningful for kids to experience.

We usually work with a group of 3-8(max.) kids. Groups can be designed with specific themes such as friendship, anxiety, resilience etc.