Creative Arts Therapy for Adults

We often get asked if people need to be creative or artistic for creative arts therapy to work. Not at all. We work at your comfort level and are led by your creative flow. The joy of creative and sensory expression can tap into childhood memories. Creative arts therapy can be a soft entry into our past, allowing memories, passion and desires to gently enfold. It taps into the mystery of our subconscious and unconscious inner world. Your pictures, songs and dance movement can tell your story so much better than words and what your mind would allow.

Be surprised. Be intrigued. Be marvelled at what you can express.

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Though you may or may not be living with multiple personality disorder or hallucinations. But have you ever felt like there are a few voices or people living inside your head? Do you often find yourself struggling with this inner battle between these voices or characters? Have you ever tried visualising them and get to know them rather than feeling inconvenient and confused about them?

1:1 with a creative therapist could perhaps help you identify and integrate these different parts within yourself. We will support you safely through your creative self-expression as a way into your self-discovery journey, with the aim for you to find peace within yourself in every present moment.


Who holds the key to your heart? Can you imagine what it’s like to hold a key like this and share your life experience of what this object reminds you of in a supportive group environment? This sharing might possibly be something that you have never shared with anyone else. What does this key tell you if this can talk? What can this key unlock?

Creative Group Therapy provides opportunities for your authentic self to be seen and heard by others.

You will often find yourself relating to people differently after this type of group therapy. You might find yourself less anxious, less fearful and more courageous to live out your most authentic self.